Thanks very much for your response and sharing your perspective from your own culture.

The financial aspect of the bond in Hmong culture is interesting to me (also the fact that this falls on the youngest!). Is this a duty of care that has only more recently been framed as a financial obligation (as Southeast Asia has become more Westernised?). Are traditional child rearing practices changing because of this?

I think what my article misses (because I'm out of my depth) is a more considered reflection of the economic pressures which everyone faces nowadays (neoliberalism/ capitalism) which have a direct impact on how we parent. Attachment parenting is impossible for many people as maternity/paternity leave is so meagre. Particularly in the US, I believe. We're encouraged to think of babies as a future workforce (and I somehow suspect that discouraging attachment makes for better workers and consumers.)

Thanks again for reading and responding :)

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