Encourage them to think outside the box — and explore the world beyond their preferences.

A bunch of colourful helium balloons is floating up through a clear blue sky.

Imagine this scenario. You, an adult, have a new job. Your manager is showing you the ropes, and you interject:

“What’s your favourite bit of the job?”

“Uh, well — probably liaising with clients.”

“Who’s your favourite client?”


“Your favourite.”

“Um, I’m not sure — “

“You’re only allowed…

We couldn’t afford to buy into modern life, so we opted out — and we love it.

‘Family’ can’t truly thrive unless we start viewing the rest of the world as family too

I wouldn’t call myself a hippie, but here I am: living in community, among people who care about our planet, about living green, sustainable lives whilst interrogating what it means to be human, and…

Anna Valerie

Naturally secretive, trying to be brave. New to Medium. Words in Curious & Modern Parent, & you can join my email list here: https://www.annavalerie.com/

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